G3 geomagnetic storm of August 26, 2018 detected from HEPD-01.

Disturbance in the electron population has been detected from HEPD-01 at the same time in which the storm arrive.     

HEPD-01 clearly measured the impact of this strong  storm on Earth, and the subsequent modification of electron populations around the planet itself.

Figure 1a).  3-MeV electrons particularly disturbed by the arrival storm
Figures  1b) and 1c).  This effect gradually weakening and completely disappearing at about 8 MeV .
Fig 1d).  Disturbance index, describing the intensity of the storm on Earth.

GCR Solar modulation

Figure 2.  GCR protons between 40 and 250 MeV, in 3 different periods of solar cycle 24th (from August 2018 to January 2020) measured by HEPD-01. Experimental data are compared with theoretical prediction by the HelMod model (solid curves) . The agreement between data and model is very good.